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What Is Remote Collaboration & How to Make It Work for You

For example, creative team members often benefit from long blocks of uninterrupted time for concentration or “deep work”. Blocked off time without meetings fosters a flow state which helps creatives generate their best work. During onboarding, you’ll want to make sure new team members learn how to get up to speed with the company’s current workflow systems. This will prevent time from being wasted sorting through duplicate files, unused folders or duplicate tasks. Make sure everyone follows the same naming convention for files and that it’s clear which version is current. Discover the benefits and key features to consider when selecting a video conferencing monitor, making your decision-making process a breeze.

5 top collaboration tools for a remote workspace – TechRepublic

5 top collaboration tools for a remote workspace.

Posted: Mon, 26 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

There are a ton of different stacks that teams rely on to facilitate remote collaboration, and each team will need to experiment to find the perfect mix of tools. From real-time communication to file sharing, team meetings, and face-to-face video calls, time spent on “work about work” can disrupt productivity. Work about work is any task that isn’t skilled or strategic work—things like searching for documents or scheduling meetings. Asynchronous communication can help connect team members by protecting flow state and encouraging clear communication. But, switching between apps is a leading cause of time spent on work about work. Instead of using different tools for messaging, calendars, videos, and audio, use an all-in-one digital collaboration tool.

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But he later told The Hollywood Reporter that he “screwed up” in regard to internal communications within the company about the special. Like Chappelle, Gervais has faced criticism over his jokes aimed at transgender people. The Office co-creator’s 2022 standup show, titled SuperNature, divided opinion online when it was released on Netflix due to its material. The B2B sales market is fiercely competitive, with businesses around the globe needing to stand out from their competitors. With remote work, it is easier to hire people, but managing them is more challenging.

  • Check out our guide on the 10 best collaboration software and choose the ones you need for your business.
  • Productboard is a product management platform designed to help businesses understand what their customers need.
  • On video it’s also much easier to gauge tone, empathise with the other people you’re talking to, and brainstorm ideas.
  • Survey data from Zippia reveals that employees are, on average, 17% more satisfied with their job when they engage in collaboration at work.
  • These responsibilities should be created for each sprint and tracked in the shared documentation to further communicate and formalize individual and shared priorities.
  • We surveyed over 1000 US business leaders to ensure an accurate depiction of the workplace heading in to 2024, and help you to strategize for the year ahead.

By opening the hiring opportunity globally, a company welcomes the opportunity to bring in more diverse employees who can offer a unique perspective on products, services, and niche markets. From the tech stack that makes remote collaboration run smoothly to fostering effective teamwork, here are five ways to improve working remotely. When team members are scrambling to find the latest version of a file buried in folders stored on the cloud or local disks, is usually when they wish they had a single source of truth for their files. The problem is amplified when the files are large, for instance, video or other types of rich media. Sync & share cloud solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox require each new version to be uploaded before another team member can download it in order to edit it. This can take hours and destroy productivity and motivation in a remote team.

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A common practice for remote collaboration is to “overcommunicate,” which can be very positive in this context. In this light, overcommunication is just going above and beyond to ensure that everyone in a team is properly informed and has all the resources they need to be successful. Pairing this with regular check-ins and team meetings can make alignment easily achieved for remote teams. IdeaScale Whiteboard enables remote collaboration for teams everywhere by facilitating real-time and asynchronous interactions through online whiteboards and task management.

  • Effective collaboration allows remote teams to communicate effortlessly and, ultimately, increase productivity through streamlined outcomes.
  • Setting up the right systems and proactively establishing solutions for the potential difficulties of remote work can set a team up to collaborate successfully.
  • Especially when it comes to smaller teams, the more voices heard and opinions in the mix will only serve to strengthen the final output.
  • Everyone on your team is trying to be effective, together—even if we’re all practicing social distancing to varying degrees.
  • One of the challenges of remote collaboration is fostering a sense of community among the team.
  • Because remote collaboration is such a commonality in today’s professional environment, there is an array of tools available to make facilitating remote collaboration easy.

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