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10 Best Front Alternatives: From Shared Inboxes to Helpdesks

front vs zendesk

Front also offers different plans tailored to varied business needs. Their Starter plan, suitable for smaller teams, is priced at $19 per seat per month. The Growth and Scale plans $59 and $99 per seat per month, respectively, if billed annually. For those seeking premium features, Front’s Premier plan is at $229 per seat per month.

  • Even though you may struggle with navigating the UI at first, Kustomer offers a rich library of resources that will help you get started.
  • If you are looking to deflect support requests to self-service options, then Kustomer has no-code chatbots available to help.
  • Zendesk’s more comparable plan gets expensive quickly, at $69/agent per month.
  • It also provides customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) when help desk ticketing closes.
  • Check out our comparison pages and discover all that we have to offer.

This software provides a very personalized experience and is one of the best Zendesk alternatives due to its simple interface and adaptability. Many small businesses trust Hiver because their teams are already familiar with Gmail. Since everything is based around this email service provider, new users do not even require training. Though Hiver is best suited for small companies, that is not to say the software does not work for large enterprises. Some of Hiver’s most loyal clients are Harvard University and Upwork.

Best-in-Class Analytics

The automatic routing also makes our work easier, since it is configured so that the customer can go directly to the agent … The Zendesk SMB pricing plan is 3x times the price of Trengo’s best value plan. Trengo is the Zendesk alternative built for SMBs and our Grow, Scale and Enterprise packages reflect that.

For example, the Salesforce integration is designed for some teammates to work out of Salesforce, not in Zendesk. Zendesk often also requires an external consultant for implementation, which is expensive and reduces ownership. Zendesk’s ticket-based navigation requires more clicks to open, collaborate, and respond. Tickets must be routed to groups rather than a single owner, resulting in unclear ownership.

Gmail Dark Mode: Enable Dark Mode on iOS, Android, Desktop

Our pricing is clear and transparent, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs right up front. Clear pricing is part of our philosophy, so you don’t waste time. As your needs get more complex, Help Scout is ready to meet the challenge with features like workflows, tags, custom fields, and reporting.

front vs zendesk

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