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Remote Collaboration: Best Practices, Challenges, and Tools

In one study, remote employees were found to average 1.4 more days of work each month than their office counterparts, while losing less time to daily distractions. In another example, the flexible work program introduced by Best Buy led to a 35% increase in productivity. While you’re at it, don’t forget to mandate regular, intentional breaks for team members.

One of the important parts of collaborating efficiently in a remote workspace is having clearly defined responsibilities across the board. This is critical for remote and cross-team collaboration and will help any team communicate properly and complete projects successfully. Using video calls doesn’t always have to be in real-time, and there are times when sending a recorded video can communicate information in a much clearer, more understandable way.

Collaboration and Coordination

Mixing this up with a diverse set of exercises allows people to participate in new activities regularly, keeping their motivation high for future collaboration. When collaborating on certain tasks, there is a given amount of urgency depending on the project, and this will always affect how your team works together. By doing this, global teams can remain connected and collaborate despite the challenges posed by remote workspaces. In order to facilitate remote collaboration effectively, there are some best practices that everyone should follow. These don’t have to exclusively apply to remote collaboration, but if you follow them generally, they will be super beneficial to your remote collaboration process. Asynchronous collaboration is another strategy that increases the accessibility of remote collaboration.

When working with a remote team, communication is a challenge —but not an obstacle—. If you are willing to work with a remote team, make sure to primarily meet their working framework. Drovio also boasts low latency, meaning that users get a real time experience when collaborating on any applications.

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Keep communication channels clear of unnecessary chat and think through messages before sending them. Sending an unnecessary question to a coworker might seem innocuous, but it disrupts their flow and potentially several other coworkers. Your problem has now become their problem which can be incredibly annoying and demotivating. Lack of remote communication gives rise to a myriad of secondary problems and challenges, such as reduced productivity, overworking, loneliness, and lack of work structure. Asynchronous communication often means you have to think ahead of time and document briefs, updates, instructions, or questions for your coworkers.

  • While remote collaboration can have a serious positive impact on many teams, it isn’t a “one size fits all” solution.
  • Look for these signs in your team and immediately take action to solve them.
  • Moreover, even companies issuing return-to-office mandates aren’t ordering workers to return for a full five-day week, making collaborative software vital to almost every business.
  • Plus, we’ll provide you with a set of useful templates to make your remote collaboration efforts smoother and more efficient.
  • This helps keep things as transparent as possible and sets clear expectations.

In remote circumstances, which are typically more flexible than ordinary work environments, regularity ensures that attendance becomes second nature. Moreover, just as in the case of accessibility, regularity makes certain that collaboration occurs, even when team members are remote and located all around the globe. When time has the potential to become such a variable, many facilitators of remote collaboration opt to set a minimum window of mandatory working hours. During this time, all team members should ideally be accessible and able to communicate on a moment’s notice. Keep in mind that this does not mean a whole 9-hour workday is being mandated for team members across the world. Instead, a small block of two or three hours would work just fine, and keep this essential factor from becoming a problem.

Video calling platforms

Dropbox is a super simple and reliable cloud storage and file-syncing service. If you’re already using Google Workspace, you already have access to Google Drive. While Dropbox is more expensive than Google Drive and many other cloud storage services, we love it because it just works. Dropbox has been around for years and generally is faster and more reliable than the competitors, especially if you’re a creative team using large files. While it might only take a few minutes, these minutes add up and the distraction pulls focus from whatever you’re working on.

  • Nothing triggers an anxious breakdown for a remote worker as much as a Wi-Fi router that won’t connect.
  • When working online, however, document management can become a serious nightmare if not properly tracked.
  • Good meeting notes can help teams remember important information that was addressed at the meeting.
  • With Visme’s AI image generator, you can create a wide range of visuals, including images, icons, illustrations, and art, simply by using your prompts.
  • Sometimes it is good to clear the mind and get involved with other activities, it’s all about balancing the scales.
  • Mural is a remote collaboration tool that makes solving complex problems easy, helping teams conduct effective brainstorming sessions, improve processes, and speed up decision making.

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