Thursday, February 29, 2024

Rap Article

Legal Knowledge in Rhyme

Yo, let’s talk about law, and make it sound fly,

From the combined gas law to the independent contractor laws in Washington State,

We’ve got all the legal info you need, so don’t hesitate.

Do you need a legal question answered free of charge?

Or are you getting ready to tie the knot in NYC?

Learn about the CCS conduct rules of 1965 or the dress code for court appearances,

So you can go to court knowing you’re looking your best.

If you’re a Teamster, check out the collective agreement for local 938,

And understand what it means for your situation, without being in a state of fear.

Got shares in a company? Can they dilute them without a care?

Get the lowdown on what’s legal and what’s fair.

Whether you’re an NBA player or you just want to know the meaning of NBA in law,

We’ve got the legal knowledge to help you stand tall.

So join us in this legal rap, where we break it down for all to see,

And learn the law in a way that’s fresh and free.

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