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Introducing Receipts by Wave

These features help keep our invoicing, accounting, and business banking (currently only available to sole proprietors in the US) free. If you’re interested in using payroll software, you can start a free 30-day trial when you sign up for Wave. Unlike most merchant services providers, Wave primarily intends for businesses to utilize its payment service when sending invoices to customers. The Vantiv payment processing service is a part of the overall Wave Accounting app rather than the company’s primary service. As the plan levels increase, FreshBooks offers advanced functionality such as client and project management tools, budgeting, and more.

  • First time they say they will hold it for 3 months, when I complained, they increased that to 6 months.
  • For information on credit card rates, visit Pricing for details.
  • If you’re interested in our payroll software, you can start a free 30-day trial when you sign up for Wave.
  • Monitor your cash flow, stay organized, and stop sweating tax season.
  • Avoid any tax season nightmares with more accurate books, records, and reports.
  • Wave Accounting is free, but you will have to pay processing fees if you choose to accept invoice payments online.

Connect your Shopify, Stripe, PayPal or Square accounts to accept payments. It’s not unusual to pay up to $70 a month for accounting software. Electronic invoices are created with online invoicing software or other cloud-based services, which makes it easy to automate the invoicing process. Electronic invoices also provide small business owners with professional-looking digital invoices that their customers can pay easily online through a system like Wave’s online payments. It’s hard to beat free accounting software, especially if you’re running a small business on a budget. It also complies with accounting standards, uses double-entry accounting and helps automate the reconciliation process, which can help ensure accuracy and save you time.

Invoicing software 
that’s easy and free

Please appreciate that there may be other options available to you than the products, providers or services covered by our service. Give your customers the option of paying with one click using a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay. When your billing period ends, you will lose access to any functionality or features that require an active subscription, such as scanning new receipts. Previously scanned receipt images will continue to exist in your Wave account as expense transactions. You can invite your accountants, bookkeepers or other business partners to Wave via email and designate their user roles.

For information on credit card rates, visit Pricing for details. Sign up for a free Wave account and send your first invoice right away—it only takes a few minutes! You can also set up recurring payments, auto-reminders, and deposit requests how long does an irs tax refund take to make sure you always get paid on time. All your invoicing and payment information automatically syncs with our free accounting software included with your account. Every invoice paid means more revenue coming into your small business.

Keep your business and personal finances separate, connect with your Wave accounting software to automate your books, and use your Wave Visa® Business Debit Card and virtual card anytime, anywhere. Our 100% free invoicing software makes it easy to send automated receipts to your customers every time they make a payment. If you think your business could benefit from more in-depth tools, as well as the option to upgrade plans as you grow, you might consider QuickBooks Online as a Wave alternative.

Look professional with customizable invoices

For small businesses any larger than that, however, Wave is limited. Unlike competitors, Wave doesn’t offer multiple plans to increase the software’s functionality. It’s also missing an audit trail and third-party integrations. In addition to its free services, Wave has software and services that do come with fees, including Wave Payments, Wave Payroll and Wave Advisors for bookkeeping support and accounting coaching. Installation fees, if any, are typically included in your first statement following the technician’s installation visit. All standard taxes and fees appropriate for your state and local region will be included for the current month.

Is Wave Right for You or Your Business?

Today’s leading accounting platforms offer standard security features, such as data encryption, secure credential tokenization and more. While human error will always play some role in security breaches, you can be confident in your accounting platform when it comes to keeping your information safe. There’s no live support unless you pay for it so you’ll have to dig for the answers to your questions in the help center or cross your fingers that the automated chatbot will help you out.

Amazing App and service

Automate overdue reminders, set up recurring bills, and add notes or terms of service with ease. Once you sign up online, you can start using Wave’s features right away. All you have to do is share your business name, type, address and the currency you use.

Create and send professional invoices to your customers in seconds. It’s easy to send your receipts created with Wave’s receipt maker. Simply enter your email address after completing the steps to generate a receipt and you’ll receive a PDF version of the receipt that can be sent to your customer. You can also download the PDF copy of your receipt to be printed out and mailed to customers. When you reconcile your books, you’ll navigate to the “Reconciliation” tab within the Accounting menu.

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If you need to manually edit, add or remove any transactions, you can do so on the Reconciliation or Transactions pages. Next, you can add sales tax (if necessary), create customer profiles and customize your invoice templates. Can manage multiple businesses for free under one account; lacks project tracking tools, industry-specific reports and transaction tracking tags. Know when an invoice is viewed, becomes due, or gets paid, so you can take the right actions to manage your cash flow. Set up invoice reminders to automatically email your customers when payment is due.

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