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BYPRODUCT English meaning

These alarms wake occupants if the concentration of CO or smoke becomes dangerous. Building owners can buy combination alarms that sound an alarm or talk when they sense either CO or smoke. Our goal is to deliver the most understandable and comprehensive explanations of financial topics using simple writing complemented by helpful graphics and animation videos. Dollar recognition depends on the stability of the market (in terms of price) and the stability of the by-product; however, control over quantities is important.

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  • However, severe CO poisoning may require treatment in a barometric chamber at the hospital.
  • The cost of a by-product is attributed to individual products manufactured using it if those products are finished and ready for sale, or if there is a market for the by-products.
  • A byproduct may be an unintended, but not necessarily unwelcome, result of an initial process.

The typical accounting for any revenues generated from byproducts is to offset them against the cost of goods sold for the primary products that are generated from the manufacturing system. It is also acceptable to record these revenues as miscellaneous revenue. However, recording the sale of byproducts as miscellaneous revenue will result in a minor increase in the amount of reported sales.

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Smoke particles settle deep in your lungs because they are very small, 2.5 microns or less (PM-2.5). Inside the lungs, these particles interfere with oxygen processing, irritate lung tissue, and can eventually destroy the lungs. PM-2.5 are considered the most dangerous type of particulate pollution. The byproduct of a production process is by convention not inventoried or assigned a resalable value due to its lack of industrial or commercial worth. The net realizable value (NRV) from the byproduct is typically filed as “other income” specifying its worth as secondary.

However, it reduces the manufacturing cost of the main product not by the actual revenue received, but by an estimate of the by-product’s value at the time of recovery. It is a step toward recognizing a by-product’s cost prior to the split-off from the main product. It premium suspense meaning is also the closest approach to the methods used in joint product costing. In this case, the $1,500 revenue from the by-product would be deducted from the $15,000 cost of goods sold figure, thereby lowering the cost and increasing the gross profit and operating income.


Since this disposal process can be a costly process which adds to the production expenditures already incurred, industries tend to limit byproducts. The byproduct is a common outcome in the majority of production processes. It often happens that along with the main output, a secondary product is also yielded. It is in a lesser quantity and also is of lower overall value as compared to the main product. Many times, the production process results in the creation of Leftover products. These leftover products may not be as valuable as the main product, but they too have some economic value.

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E.g. A crude oil refinery extracts at the end of its refining process. That substance is Ethylene – a vital ingredient in manufacturing all the plastic products like polythene shopping bags, PVS pipes, etc. Thus, knowing the commercial importance, the company can actually sell it at lucrative prices. E.g. A car manufacturer also sells other decorative accessories like car mats, seat covers, navigation system etc. There is no compulsion on the customer to purchase these but buying them from the manufacturer provides one excellent, seamless product package. Thus, the company has to price these accessories at attractive, competitive prices so that the customer can’t resist the offer.

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Likewise, leftover scrap metal from making cars might have some resale value as it could be sold for recycling. Any expenses involved in further processing or marketing the by-product are recorded in separate accounts. In the first three cases, income from by-product sales is credited, while in the fourth case, the main product’s production cost is credited. In this case, the $1,500 revenue from by-product sales is deducted from the $16,500 total production cost, yielding a revised production cost of $15,000.

He is an accomplished author of thousands of insightful articles, including in-depth analyses of brands and companies. Holding an MBA in Marketing, Hitesh manages several offline ventures, where he applies all the concepts of Marketing that he writes about. So here, the company has to incur those expenses in waste disposal as per the legal requirements and write-off these expenses in the regular profit and loss account. As discussed in the example above, Ethylene is very valuable and it can be sold at premium prices and the profits earned can be used for capacity building for the mainstream business. Our writing and editorial staff are a team of experts holding advanced financial designations and have written for most major financial media publications. Our work has been directly cited by organizations including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Investopedia, Forbes, CNBC, and many others.

All costs not reasonably attributable to any one product are considered period costs, and should be recorded on the income statement as sg&a (selling, general and administrative expenses). In addition, the production (manufacturing) cost of the main product is credited. However, it is necessary to report accumulated manufacturing costs applicable to by-product inventory on the balance sheet.

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