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7 Top-Rated Affordable Accounting Software

Xero is a program that will convert the quotes and estimates into invoices and allow you to charge the customers when you have supplied them with goods or services. For three users and the first EUR 90K in revenue, you can access Chargebee’s Free plan. Keep track of your inventory, setting reorder points and replenishing stock, and organizing SKU, cost, stock on hand, and more. This concentrated on the financial aspects, such accounting community forum as the starting monthly and annual prices, as well as the availability of a forever-free version, a free demo, a free trial of any paid plans and the duration of such a trial. Small businesses may be able to find a less expensive basic plan, while larger businesses may need to upgrade to a more expensive standard or premium plan. Small businesses seeking a detailed desktop-based system with optional cloud flexibility.

It allows companies to track billable hours spent on client projects or tasks and categorize time entries to specify the clients or projects they align to. This feature simplifies invoicing by ensuring transparency and precise billing for clients. Additionally, businesses can streamline client communication through the vendor portal, sharing purchase orders, invoices, and payment schedules.

Make Xero your own by connecting other apps to the Xero accounting software. By simplifying spending guidelines, Zoho Expense also simplifies employee compliance. As a result, streamlined expense reporting provides real-time spend visibility. The end-to-end expense reporting automation lets employees record expenses on the go. You can also add your company cards to the platform and automate reconciliation. DocuPhase streamlines the AP process with a pre-defined routing system and three-way matching.

Cloud Security

It provides a range of tools to aid companies in efficiently managing their finances. If you’d also like QuickBooks to manage your bills and payments, track employee time and inventory, and allow up to 5 users + your accountant, get a premium plan. Patriot starts at an affordable $20 per month with its “Accounting Basic” plan. Here, you’ll be able to create and track unlimited customers and invoices and enjoy easy data imports, free expert support, the ability to bring unlimited users on board, and whatnot. To simplify tracking the invoice, Patriot lets you separately mark the ones that have already been sent.

ZarMoney also allows you to automate expense tracking workflows, such as grouping similar transactions, matching transactions with bank statements, and attaching receipts for clients or vendors when processing transactions. Wave Accounting is an accounting platform that delivers a real-time overview of your income, expenses, payments, and invoices. It lets you categorize transactions based on merchant names and transaction details, customize the categories for specific needs, and bulk categorize transactions for efficiency. It also allows you to conduct month-on-month or year-on-year revenue comparisons to identify cash flow trends.

  • Everything is connected, and everyone needs data from your department to reach their professional objectives, from sales and marketing to customer service and other teams.
  • QuickBooks securely stores your data and keeps it up-to-date across all your devices.
  • Similarly, FreshBooks also integrates with Paypal and Stripe to simplify payments — both client and vendor payments.

This solution not only covers all the bases in accounting when it comes to components but it provides features to make processes inclusive to vendors and clients. The solution can save e-retailers tens of hours each month on reconciling transactions in their books. Even a freelancer or solopreneur will benefit from accounting analytics that capture the financial health of their business. Cloud accounting software should include multiple reporting templates to choose from and automatically populate whichever one you pick with data pulled from other areas of the software.

You might wonder how secure your financial data is on a cloud-based system. Cloud accounting providers use encryption, rewriting your information into a secured, unbreakable code, to send and store your data. Cloud solutions use the same type of security used to make financial data and online banking safe. With most cloud-based accounting programs, you can automate your workflow to save time. For example, you can enter your vendor information and set up a workflow that automatically pays that vendor on the same due date every month.


With real-time data, you can gather more insights and make faster decisions for your business. Xero, FreshBooks and QuickBooks all offer 30-day free trials and extensive features for online support, including a live chat, email support and a knowledge base. All three of these offer the ability to scale their accounting for larger businesses and both Xero and QuickBooks offer specific training for accountants. These companies offer Gusto integration for the same price—$40 per month and $6 per month per person. On the other hand, FreshBooks may be a better fit for freelancers and solopreneurs, as the capabilities are easier to navigate. With cloud accounting and the QuickBooks mobile app, you can snap and save photos of your receipts wherever you are.

What is unique about Zoho Expense?

Fortunately, with online accounting software like QuickBooks Online, backups happen automatically. But, this is just one of many hypothetical anecdotes that illustrates the importance of moving to a cloud accounting software solution—sooner rather than later. Apart from that, you can create recurring billing, manage invoices, and accept payments quickly. All those invoices that are paid will automatically be added to your accounting records. Sometimes business owners find it challenging enough to handle the bare minimum tasks like paying bills and keeping track of income, so answering critical questions like “Is my business profitable?

Cloud ERP

Airbase provides real-time transaction visibility which is highly valued by users. Because transactions display instantly on the platform, the process of managing expenses is expedited, and the annoyance of misplacing transaction data is reduced. This software employs advanced and industry-recognized security standards, ensuring that your accounting data is secure all the time. You can access and manage your financial data anytime from any device, and even collaborate with your accountant and stakeholders on the cloud.

That said, if you’d also like user-based payments, account reconciliation, custom invoice templates, and more such premium features, consider getting the “Accounting Premium” plan at just $30 per month. With FreshBooks’ Lite plan, you can send unlimited invoices to up to 5 clients, track unlimited expenses, and send unlimited estimates at just $6/month. If you’re paying your employees or charging your clients based on hours, you surely need a tool that keeps track of every billable minute — that’s where FreshBooks steps in. Zoho Books is probably the most powerful cloud-based accounting software with a wide range of features that’ll automate much of the mundane and even critical accounting operations for you. Relying on legacy tools for financial visibility can lead to incomplete or unusable insights.

Cloud Accounting FAQ

With single access, desktop-based accounting programs, you end up spending a lot of time compiling and creating financial reports for your accountant to review. In addition to protecting your data, cloud computing offers numerous perks that will help you boost your productivity and your business’ bottom line. Here are seven different benefits that prove it’s well worth making the switch to a SaaS (Service as a Software) accounting solution. Cloud-based accounting software is just like traditional accounting software with the exception that all the data is hosted on remote servers instead of the user’s desktop computer.

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